Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh the life of a baby!

Jaylin relaxing Monday morning watching cartoons and waiting on me to get her ready for school. Doesn't she look comfy and cute?!?!


Dustin and Lorin in Lorin's room, talking and being goofy like teenagers do!

Flurry---My other toddler

Here is the other toddler I am trying to potty train at the same time as Jaylin--just like Jaylin she is reluctant to conform and therefore making my job a little harder. I am beginning to think that the two have made a pact to be complicated about this! Wish me luck please.

This is the look I get when I ask her why she peed on the floor?

Working hard for Daddy!

Jaylin works so hard on her Sesame Street postcards she sends to her Daddy! I just had to take a few pictures of her hard at work:)

Look at the concentration!

This was the cookie monster card she working on!


Teenager+backing out of a parking spot at the movie place and not paying close enough attention= hitting someones parked car!!! What a great Saturday night!

The good side:) The other side:(

These were taken the night it happened

Fort Smith Lawn & Garden Show 2010

On Saturday, 27 March, 2010, Jaylin and I went to the Fort Smith Lawn & Garden Show. Jimmy and Carol met up with us there along with their neighbors. Jaylin had a ball! It was such a beautiful sunny day perfect for seeing great friends!


This was a train Jaylin really liked--she wanted to grab it and rearrange the little village!

Playing with her snack of trix cereal--at least she was sharing!

For some reason there were several animals at the show--hmm I thought it was a lawn and garden show, not a what can eat your lawn or garden! Oh well, Jaylin got a big kick out of them:)

Before & After

The pictures on the left were taken almost 2 weeks ago and the pictures on the right were taken yesterday--Does Arkansas have crazy weather or what!?!?! I am just so stinken proud of my bulbs!!! Look how good they are doing! I know my husband will be impressed when he sees this! Now we do not have to replant each bed when the seasons change! Yippee!!
Apple tree by Jaylin's window,
Tree in the front yard,
Tree outside our master bath window in the left side of the house.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Arkansas Spring Break equals 3-4 inches of SNOW You've got to be kidding me

The view outside my front door this morning and then a picture of the front of the house. Well over 3 inches already and expected to get about that much more today! Hopefully this will help in my campaign of why we should move with the the Hubby, but then again where he is at it has been around 80'. Really though, this is crazy!!!! I hate being cold!!

At least one member of the family is in her element! She is loving it! I guess I am glad someone does! Look at Flurry go! It is kind of funny, she actually does not like her back feet to touch it much, so sometimes she will hop instead of walking and she almost walks only on her front feet holding her back feet up in the air. See what this crazy snow will do to you!! By the way, you can click on any of these pictures to get a better view.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The answer to everything is CHOCOLATE!!

To help Jaylin understand that in so many days Daddy will be home, I have put 60+ hershey kisses in a candy bowl and each day Jaylin gets a chocolate kiss from Daddy until as the days go by he will be home to give her a kiss from him! Hopefully as she sees the amount of kisses going away it will help me reconfirm that he will be back home! At this point I just have a child that is addicted to the kisses and wants more than just one a day!! Wish me luck! Maybe I should have gone with the construction paper chain and took a link away for each day he is gone and until there is no chain left and he has returned...hmmm, it may be to late now!

What would I do without Jaylin's Daddydoll?!?

Why couldn't I think up the novel idea of "Daddy Doll"? This invention has helped Jaylin with the separation from her Daddy so much! The only problem is getting it away long enough to wash it. Due to the fact that Jaylin feeds Daddy doll and gives him drinks from her cups, etc. he gets dirty fast, but along with the ingenious idea of its creation it of course is machine washable--brillant!! I just have to keep remembering to take out the voice recorder that I came with it, in which James recorded a message for Jaylin on--so far so good!!

The are two images of James on her doll. On one side he is in his flight suit and on the other he is in desert BDU's. These are the pictures that I sent and then the compant cut around them and made the image in a printable version for the doll.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The yard sign while he is gone

Boarding and Take Off

Talking with Parker, whom he sat by for the duration of the trip. This was the last group to board the plane. After sitting on the ramp for an additional hour...finally- take off

Forever my Hero!

Pictures in the hanger from the cold, dreary morning before boarding the plane