Sunday, March 14, 2010

What would I do without Jaylin's Daddydoll?!?

Why couldn't I think up the novel idea of "Daddy Doll"? This invention has helped Jaylin with the separation from her Daddy so much! The only problem is getting it away long enough to wash it. Due to the fact that Jaylin feeds Daddy doll and gives him drinks from her cups, etc. he gets dirty fast, but along with the ingenious idea of its creation it of course is machine washable--brillant!! I just have to keep remembering to take out the voice recorder that I came with it, in which James recorded a message for Jaylin on--so far so good!!

The are two images of James on her doll. On one side he is in his flight suit and on the other he is in desert BDU's. These are the pictures that I sent and then the compant cut around them and made the image in a printable version for the doll.

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