Sunday, March 21, 2010

Arkansas Spring Break equals 3-4 inches of SNOW You've got to be kidding me

The view outside my front door this morning and then a picture of the front of the house. Well over 3 inches already and expected to get about that much more today! Hopefully this will help in my campaign of why we should move with the the Hubby, but then again where he is at it has been around 80'. Really though, this is crazy!!!! I hate being cold!!

At least one member of the family is in her element! She is loving it! I guess I am glad someone does! Look at Flurry go! It is kind of funny, she actually does not like her back feet to touch it much, so sometimes she will hop instead of walking and she almost walks only on her front feet holding her back feet up in the air. See what this crazy snow will do to you!! By the way, you can click on any of these pictures to get a better view.

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  1. I couldn't believe it when I had to drive to Texas fighting ice at the end of March. Now we are close to San Antonio and it was 68 degrees when I pulled in at 6 last night. Hope you guys have a good spring break.