Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dustin (aka James Bond) Prom 2010

Dustin's junior prom is tonight! He was pretty excited as you can tell by the posing! The picture of him on my phone, he is talking to his Dad and getting last minute dance instructions I am sure! Dustin is posing like James Bond in a couple of the others, that is why he choose no cumber bun and just the bow tie and vest--super slick looking!

James Bond pose!

Dustin and his date Erika out front of our house. She was sooo impressed with the posing!
The rain went away and it is a beautiful afternoon--a little windy as you can see, but the sun is shinning!

Perpetrating Toddler

Jaylin loves talking on the phone and her favorite person to talk to is her Daddy! She will tell him all kinds of things from her day. Jaylin counts, sings, and anything else she can think of while she is on the phone. In these pictures she is perpetrating that she is talking. She cracked me up, because of a couple of times she said "James" like she was trying to get his attention--sooo funny. She is obviously listening to much too me!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Such a Sweet Surprise

After getting off work on Friday, I came home to such a sweet and thoughtful surprise from my mother in law. A super cute coffee cup about daughter in laws. Thank you again Mary, for making my Friday soo much better! You are the greatest!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

She did it! She went #2 in the potty!!!!

On 12 April, 2010, Jaylin finally went to the bathroom, #2, in the potty! This is a great step people! If you have ever potty trained a reluctant toddler you know what I am talking about! I cannot wait for the day when cleaning poop from a pull up is long gone! Although she was thoroughly disgusted by it, we tried to make a big deal out of it so that she would want to do it again! Jaylin thought the whole things was, in her words, "Gross!" she also told me it was "stinky!" Too bad she was not aware of these things all along! Boy, could I tell her some stories if only she understood! At any rate, one small step for a toddler, one giant move toward progress in mom's eyes!

I let her pull the handle to flush and she waved by by and then slammed the lid and said "Gross!"

Great Sunday at Greenwood Community Bible Church

Sunday, 11 April, 2010 was a great get together for all who attended. After the 2nd service we all gathered for Hamburger, hot dogs, chips, etc. My Father helped cook along with his friend Bob and Jaylin said the hot dogs were yummy! Beautiful weather and great food!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter X's Two

Above digging into the basket and before the crowning!
Jaylin not sharing so well with poor Jimmy and Cassie showing Jaylin the easter bunny.

After Dad & Moms, we went on to Jimmy and Carols because Jaylin was not spoiled enough already! Our gracious host and hostess had an easter basket waiting and Jaylin was not shy about checking it all out! Jaylin especially loved the jelly beans! She would share with everyone BUT Jimmy! What can you say, a princess in the making--complete with a new crown compliments of Jimmy and Carol! We got to meet some of their family and Doug's wife. Cassie introduced Jaylin to the Wii and she loved it! Jaylin loves anything Cassie shows her--including but not limited to ring pops, jellybeans etc. Flurry met a new friend and had a great time too! Easter Sunday was a great day with family and friends--I am so blessed!

Above flurry and her new friend. Below what a rough life this little princess leads!
Swinging and eating even more jelly beans!

Pigtails and Easter Pails:)

Jaylin did pretty good at finding eggs once she got the hang of it.
Uncle Josh hid and re hid the eggs and then was very helpful at helping give hints when needed

Rosy red cheeks due to the heat!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A hunting we will go!

Family, fun and food! Here are some pictures from my Dad & Mom's house where we ate lunch, hunted eggs, hunted eggs again, hunted more eggs, etc. Jaylin got a little hot and had to take a break--it was a beautiful day!

At School......

This is what Jaylin did after we walked into the door--she yelled at that little boy that it was her Easter party! After looking for eggs that she would open 1st to see if she wanted to keep it based on what she found--all the children came in and got to eat one of the pieces of candy that they found inside of their egg. Looks like eating the candy was her favorite part!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Party Day!!!

Jaylin is ready for the Easter Party! We took a few shots of her before we left--she is becoming quite the poser don't you think? She calls this shirt her "Daddy Bug Shirt" due to the fact that it says "Daddy's Little Love Bug" on it. Jaylin has gotten to where she makes up names for things--kind of abbreviating them. The video of her and her Daddy is the Daddy Show. This shirt she wears is her Daddy Bug shirt, etc. More quirks that make me love her so!