Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Calgone take me away!

Like the new flag? So cute, got at Nuemiers!

1st off, as you can see from the pictures--It is raining, overcast and gloomy! Three of my most unfavorite types of weather.
2nd Baby J has been running a fever since yesterday when we went to town. She woke up at 3:00 a.m. and I stayed up with her for over an hour and today it is a little better but....
3rd implement throwing up! and not just all over herself, the highchair and floor but the dog too! ( I will spare you the pictures and no I really did not take any!)
4th Bathing a toddler and dog before puke gets everywhere is no easy feat! (not sure I spelled feat right)
Then to make matters worse, I have to go finish buying groceries in this lovely weather with a sick baby because we cut the trip short yesterday due to her high fever---AND I have to get her some pedilite or something that she will drink along with something like chicken noodle soup since she cannot live on just ritz crackers--which was all we had that she has been able to keep down-----agh what a day--and it is only 1:16 p.m. In closing to all readers, friends, etc. any suggestions on food/drinks that a 14 month old may be able to keep down would be greatly appreciated.

To Toile or Not To Toile!?!

I have a new found obsession and it is with Toile. Here are a couple of my favs and if you go to the Toile Party at Pretty Organized Palace you will see oodles and oodles of it! There are so many different types, styles and colors! You will definitely get your toile fix for the day in the land of all things toile! I wanted to redo my living room with black and white toile, but hubby did not like it. I will have to find subtle ways to implement little bits and pieces of toile here and there so as not to over do it and have the husband run from the room. I love the blue and brown toile--so pretty and feminine. Go over to Pretty Organized Palace and join in on the Toile Party!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

What Parents Do When The Kids Are Gone---You May Want to Make Small Children Leave the Room

And after all of the excitement of the teenagers leaving, this is what the Hubby, Baby J & I did......drum roll......TaDa....Clean! Our OCD took over, mixed with a little Spring Fever and we cleaned up the garage a bit. Those same teenagers should be glad that they did leave, because otherwise they would have been helping. Although, we did save some for them when they do return. I know I feel better when things are clean, how about you?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

She's Back...She's Gone Again

L leaving with friends

Baby J & L looking at Itouch

reluctantly posing

OK, L came home Friday and then left again on Sunday!! She is like a whirlwind lately. As you know, this is Spring Break and D flew to Florida to see his Grandma--Tutu since he did not get to go with us last year when we all went and L went to Dallas with a friend and her family. L will return on Thursday and D's plane lands on Friday in the evening. I did not get a picture of D going to the airport :( but here are a few of L who did not want to take any because she said she looked terrible, was only dressed for a long drive, no makeup, etc. blah blah blah--and as her mother I took pictures anyway! A couple of these are older, but cute! Baby J loves to be with L and look at all of her gadgets--like her Itouch, telephone, Ipod, etc. I miss her because she has been with her Dad for 2 weeks, but I know she is having fun and will be back soon. D will have a great time! He is staying with THE BEST hostess in the world and will probably be spoiled when he returns.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

We Finally Have Hair!!!

Can you believe it? We finally have enough hair to make little pigtails! Her Aunt Sandy will be soooo proud! I remember her oldest sister L use to call them pinktails when she was little. I thought this changed her whole little look--kinda did not like it, because it made her look older and I so do not want her to grow up! This is her posing on the car--you will be seeing more and more of this hair do guaranteed!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Decorating for Spring

Received in the mail today was the current Williams-Sonoma catalog---happy day! This catalog is always good for a few inspirations on decorating for the season. Couple of my favs are the ducks pictured above, daffodil wreath and bird nests. I am trying to figure a way to do these more affordably, so I will be scouring my local shops for items to duplicate the looks. In the meantime, a girl can dream right? It must be fun to receive a book like this and decorate your house out of it, but can you imagine what it would end up costing? Crazy!! So, for now, always fun to look at, great inspiration, but that is all. Counting down, only a few days left before Spring Break!!! While reading the paper today, I saw an ad advertising Third Day in concert, I think I will take L to this, it is on the 26th, tickets are a little pricey, but not toooo bad. I will keep you posted.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Is that GUILT all over his face?

Why do our children break our hearts? I consider the dog one of the kids and that being said, the furry kid has disappointed us in a HUGE way. We came home today to find someone had a touch of separation anxiety. I know, I was warned. Truly, I did not see this coming. Trig has been so good in the past that we have started leaving him in while we are gone during the day--that has come to end now!!! He has torn up a arm of a chair that I loved. Not only because it "made" the new look of the living room, or that it only cost $40 at a thrift store and it seemed kind of retro and I was so proud of it. Now what I am I going to do with the arm half chewed off? It will probable cost more to fix it than it would ever be worth! Any suggestions out there? As you can see I could, the chair could use some help! And still sooooooo disappointed in Trig!

If she were an Indian, her name would be Little Knee Walker!

Dancing Baby on Knees
Introducing Lil Knee Walker!

Just standing at her window watching her Daddy!

Look who will stand for days, but refuses to take a step!!! She is so independent and stubborn. I seriously am concerned for her knees though. Baby J loves to dance and will get on her knees and clap and dance around, it is the funniest. This kind of reminds me of Lt. Dan off of the Forest Gump movie. Oh well, in good time she will realize how much better her life would be when she is more mobile and I will be regretting the day I ever encouraged her to take that step. Being a parent has so many bittersweet moments:'(

Husband's new truck

Do these come standard in each model of truck?

Washing the old to get ready for the new.

The New truck--you might not be able to see the ghost flames on the lower part of the truck. If you click on the pic you should see them.

If your are reading this and you truly know my husband, the fact that he has gotten a new truck is no surprise. I use to try and keep a list going of which vehicles we have had, how long, etc. and I gave up. He traded the white one, which I liked because it matched the boat--I know my o.c.d. nature showing, to this Harley Davidson edition that is black with a little red in it. Baby J and D like it! It is a big truck, Baby J fits in the middle console!!

Update on the height of D

D told me that the last time he measured he was 5'11 1/2" tall--looks taller to me. I made them stand back to back and D's shoulders were higher than his Dads. His father is 6"0 and I think that D is about 1 to 1 1/2 inches taller--we will not tell him, I think it bugs him!

Summer Job

D is trying to earn money for the summer via mowing lawns. With his Ipod blaring and his flip flops on, he already has a repeat customer from last year and has gotten the 1st mowing of that lawn under his belt. I think we all did this when we were kids for money--as my parents say "it builds character"! If that is the case, I have a lot of character--that was about all I got if I remember correctly. Maybe that is where the child market 1st started. Adults hiring kids, like myself to their work around the house, lawn mowing, cleaning, etc. for a small amount and you would take it, because it was better than nothing! Makes you wonder! Who knows, maybe he will make enough to pay for his gas money to drive to school next year! A parent can dream, right?

It's beginning to look a lot like spring!

Here are a few pictures around the house and in the neighborhood. The picture of the tree with the purple/pink flowers is in the front yard and just so happens to be 1 of the Hubby's favs. It is a purple plum. The neighbors pear tree is the tall white blooming tree and in the pic of the street you can see where those trees are blooming everywhere!! I am soooo looking forward to the season change. I have never been much of a winter kind of girl!

Do children like chocolate pudding?

What a crazy question---of course they do. So much so, they cover themselves in it! This is Baby J's 1st experience with it and as you can see, she loved it! D, her big brother passed through the kitchen and was still just long enough for me to take this picture of him watching TV and standing by Baby J. How tall do you think he is now? Any guesses? I will check with him to make sure before I post a number--stay tuned!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Strike a Pose

The weekend seems to have flown by--it was not very sunny, but the weather was better than last weekend. J and I tried to get several things done and although we did make progress, there still seems to be so much left to do! K was over this weekend and her and I went to Serendipity to drop off baby stuff and some house ware things. K looked around and found a few things she liked and wanted to get. This of course broke her Dad's "wanna be" rule of bring nothing back, but he was not mad. K found a cute summer dress, a brown shirt and cover up and a super cute GAP jacket. All in all, I did come back with far less than I left with and I am sure that the other things will sale and that will make up for the purchases. These pics are of her modeling for me. She wanted me to post that she was wearing my heels so that she could practice what it will be like for her some day as a Mom and Wife. I do not know about you, but I could not wear heels ALL day, but I thought it was cute that she thought that was how she should practice! K is such a sweet and cute girl, just growing up tooo fast!!!

Big Sisters & 4 Wheelers Are Fun!

This is Baby J's new favorite thing to do. I have a feeling a new word or two will follow such as, "more" or "do it again". K rode around with her like this for a long time and she loved every minute of it, This is K's little 4 wheeler and she did not take it out of 1st gear. We told her to stay in this grassy area of the alley between the neighbors fence and ours just in case. It is very sweet how careful she is sometimes.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Are'nt Baby Feet the Cutest?

Here are some pictures that I took of Baby J while being home with her today. I tried to keep her busy so that her Daddy could get some much needed rest to recuperate from being sick and run down. Baby J and I had a good time, although she was very cranky and just wanted to be held pretty much all of the time. Baby feet and toes too cute!