Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter X's Two

Above digging into the basket and before the crowning!
Jaylin not sharing so well with poor Jimmy and Cassie showing Jaylin the easter bunny.

After Dad & Moms, we went on to Jimmy and Carols because Jaylin was not spoiled enough already! Our gracious host and hostess had an easter basket waiting and Jaylin was not shy about checking it all out! Jaylin especially loved the jelly beans! She would share with everyone BUT Jimmy! What can you say, a princess in the making--complete with a new crown compliments of Jimmy and Carol! We got to meet some of their family and Doug's wife. Cassie introduced Jaylin to the Wii and she loved it! Jaylin loves anything Cassie shows her--including but not limited to ring pops, jellybeans etc. Flurry met a new friend and had a great time too! Easter Sunday was a great day with family and friends--I am so blessed!

Above flurry and her new friend. Below what a rough life this little princess leads!
Swinging and eating even more jelly beans!

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