Sunday, April 18, 2010

She did it! She went #2 in the potty!!!!

On 12 April, 2010, Jaylin finally went to the bathroom, #2, in the potty! This is a great step people! If you have ever potty trained a reluctant toddler you know what I am talking about! I cannot wait for the day when cleaning poop from a pull up is long gone! Although she was thoroughly disgusted by it, we tried to make a big deal out of it so that she would want to do it again! Jaylin thought the whole things was, in her words, "Gross!" she also told me it was "stinky!" Too bad she was not aware of these things all along! Boy, could I tell her some stories if only she understood! At any rate, one small step for a toddler, one giant move toward progress in mom's eyes!

I let her pull the handle to flush and she waved by by and then slammed the lid and said "Gross!"

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