Sunday, May 10, 2009


1st off Happy Mother's Day to all! Second, hopefully you had better weather! I am thankful for my children--even though they can drive me crazy sometimes, I am not sure what kind of person, woman, etc, I would be had it not been for each of you! I am glad of the opportunity to be able to say I am a mother--I know so many who do not have that honor yet and I pray for you. For all, I hope that you were able to spend a little time with your mother, I was and was so thankful--it was a wonderful evening--the baby was even good! I realize that I take my mom for granted--I should do more to show my appreciation for all that she did, does, and will do. I truly hope I have let her know how much I love her and respect her. I am wonderfully blessed in that not only do I have a great mother, but my mother in law is a wonderful lady too! She has been such a blessing to me since I met her son--and if it weren't for her I would not have the pleasure of being married to such a amazing husband! Thanks and much love to both today and always!

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