Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She is officially 10 years old!

As of 12 May, 2009, K is 10 years old! Hard to believe that she is on the brink of being a teenager! K asked me if this makes her a pre-teen? I did not even like to hear her confirm she is in such a hurry to grow up--but all are. I can certainly remember the days seeming to go by so slow when I was her age. What we would not do for time to move so slow now! In answer to her question, I told her at 13 she would be a preteen, that maybe at 10 she is a tween?!? Not sure! She is so excited to be in the double digits. We had a nice get together, just family. K had a big party last Saturday--lucky girl 2 parties a year! We hope that she enjoyed it!

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  1. Braden gets mad if you call him a tween he says "I am a kid not a tween" Now Britt on the other hand has the days counting down to 12 in october.