Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Where you Live Friday - LIVING ROOMS

I have had the best time with this tour that Kelly is hosting--this is a wonderful plan for the deco idea thief, nosey at heart, showoff, etc! I have so much fun in going to each post and looking. Some of you are young, just starting out and have not had the time/money/desire to accumulate all of the junk the rest of us have over the years and it makes me remember what is was like to try to decorate your home with so little--very humbling and make me appreciate where I am now in life! I missed the kitchen Friday--I will try to post that later to catch up! As for now, come on in to our humble home, and as a sign behind my front door says, "Welcome, be warm, be welcome, be at home" For those of you who know me, you will realize I recently changed the colors to our living room--we went from red, gold, green, brown to blue and brown.

Do you see the sign behind the door? Halmark store purchase--$10 i think, then you can start to see the sofa table to the right of the door--cannot use behind the loveseat due to the fact that it is a reclining set. Below is a better pic of the sofa table. Sorry about the lighting on the lower picture--kinda of dark.

You can start to see the pillar in the center of the room. Hubby hates it and I kinda of like it.

this is the view as you walk into the living room from the front door.

The is the view as you look at the built in that was intended for the tv, but as you can see, the hubster wants the super big tv, so I have closed it-gotta do something about that cable thing hanging out at the bottom. Then the second pic is of the loveseat, hubster's recliner (sorry the pillow is turned the wrong way! by the way I call his recliner the widowmaker) and the front door and bar--this is all in the place of where the formal dinning room would be--hence large hanging light fixture. That is the family dog making his appearance--cute huh? He is a Shorky.

doorway (I like that they are rounded) leading to the kitchen and this is the wall with the sofa family pictures, the other rounded doorway to the right of the sofa leads to the hallway/kitchen/garage, etc.

This is the part of the living room that is where we put the desk and bar. That is the living room--hoped you enjoyed it! You can click on each picture for a better view. You can see the really cool bell jar my Mom gave me along with a couple of other items I used to decorate with for Easter. Family cat Sassy sleeping on a pillow that I plan to take to Goodwill if I can get her off of it!