Friday, May 22, 2009

Show us Where You Live Friday--Dinning Room

I was not able to participate in Kelly's last friday's "Show Us Where You Live Friday" due to to the fact that I do not have a guest room, but thank goodness I do have a dinning room! Where else would you feed our family!?!

This is the view as you walk into the kitchen/dinning room from the living room. This Friday is an "as is" day for me, you will see dust on the wine cooler, things on the counter, etc. Keeping it real for you! The brown picture frame with black inside of it is a chalk board I made with sheet metal and a $26.00 clearance frame from Hobby Lobby.

This is the view as you come in from the klitchen and hallway from the garage-I tried two different shots for better clarity. The table is from Woodco and we love it! Right now the leaf is in the middle, but we normally keep it out. You probably cannot tell that it is the same stain as the cabinents with black legs and the chairs, from Woodco also, are black.

This is the door to the backporch/backyard/pool. The old cooking utincils are from an antique store and none of them cost over $2.00. The wine cooler that sits to the right of the door. I love the stuff on top of it--the colors of the kitchen/dinning room are brown & green with that mustard color on the walls. Not crazy about the wall color, considering changing it. What do you think? The past color in this area were red, the mustard wall color and green, but I was tired of them and changed just recently to this.

The pictures are of some things in the Dinning Room/Kitchen to show the color pallete. The awesome apothocary jar I found at Fred's for $12.00!!! and the pears that are inside of it came free!!!

This is a view from the dinning room looking toward the kitchen. I included due to the bar area where the kids sit and eat. This gives you a better idea of the color of the table and chairs as the bar and bar stools mimic them. The "K" in the green yard sale picture frame is from an idea I got from super crafty Nicole at The Graves' House, the bird in the cheese platter dome thing I also got off a blog, but I cannot remember for the life of me. If you reconize it as your idea, let me know and I would love to give you credit--so sorry for my pre-alzheimers!

Another picture of the grouping on top of the wine cooler-closer up. This is what hangs above the "K" picture on the bar. My husband loves Elvis and his mother had found these collector cards-kind of like baseball cards, at an antique place in Florida and I got them framed for the love of my life! That is the tour! We hope you have a wonderful & safe Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Looks so nice.
    Love the Dinner Choices sign.

  2. The Dinner Choices sign is awesome! I need that for my ever-growing picky preschoolers!

  3. I have that door knob thing in my bathroom but its all brown!! I will post it when we do bathrooms so you can see it ha.