Sunday, March 22, 2009

She's Back...She's Gone Again

L leaving with friends

Baby J & L looking at Itouch

reluctantly posing

OK, L came home Friday and then left again on Sunday!! She is like a whirlwind lately. As you know, this is Spring Break and D flew to Florida to see his Grandma--Tutu since he did not get to go with us last year when we all went and L went to Dallas with a friend and her family. L will return on Thursday and D's plane lands on Friday in the evening. I did not get a picture of D going to the airport :( but here are a few of L who did not want to take any because she said she looked terrible, was only dressed for a long drive, no makeup, etc. blah blah blah--and as her mother I took pictures anyway! A couple of these are older, but cute! Baby J loves to be with L and look at all of her gadgets--like her Itouch, telephone, Ipod, etc. I miss her because she has been with her Dad for 2 weeks, but I know she is having fun and will be back soon. D will have a great time! He is staying with THE BEST hostess in the world and will probably be spoiled when he returns.

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