Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I really, really like it when the sun shines and today is not one of those days. It is very hard for me to be motivated when it is dreary and overcast. The temperature is wonderful!!! 70 something, but then, there is the problem of no happy, warming, shiny sun!
The hubster, Trig, Baby J and I went out and about and ran a couple of errands. D is at his moms and L is at her dads for 2 weeks--this started on Friday. So, that left the reat of us together until Sunday at around 5:00 when we pick up D.
My husband has an unbelievable amount of energy and motivation--it seems all of the time. On days like this--not such for me. I could literally stay inside and read, blog, rearrange a room or something. In the course of the time since he got up this morning, which was 6:00, you would not believe what he has accomplished. Makes what I have done seem very meager. This is one of our areas of yin and yang.
My plan for this afternoon----I WILL get Baby J's new clothes from the wonderful Growing Kids Sale put up and sort what she is about to out grow. I am meeting with Shelly at Serendipity (this is a local resale shop) on Tuesday to consign what baby clothes I did not get to the Growing Kids Sale and also some house ware stuff--because I recently redecorated our living room and went from Red, Gold, Green to a beautiful Blue, Brown and White color scheme.
Ok, back to the growing kids sale. I checked and as of today, I am sure this does not include what is being bought today, so, from Wednesday through Friday, I have already made $280.00!!!!! I only spent $250.00!!! Thanks to my sister helping me I have made my husband very happy in the fact that we actually have a profit this year!! If any of you have questions on the Growing Kids Sale, let me know. I am a BIG advocate of it and have been for a few years now.

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