Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Calgone take me away!

Like the new flag? So cute, got at Nuemiers!

1st off, as you can see from the pictures--It is raining, overcast and gloomy! Three of my most unfavorite types of weather.
2nd Baby J has been running a fever since yesterday when we went to town. She woke up at 3:00 a.m. and I stayed up with her for over an hour and today it is a little better but....
3rd implement throwing up! and not just all over herself, the highchair and floor but the dog too! ( I will spare you the pictures and no I really did not take any!)
4th Bathing a toddler and dog before puke gets everywhere is no easy feat! (not sure I spelled feat right)
Then to make matters worse, I have to go finish buying groceries in this lovely weather with a sick baby because we cut the trip short yesterday due to her high fever---AND I have to get her some pedilite or something that she will drink along with something like chicken noodle soup since she cannot live on just ritz crackers--which was all we had that she has been able to keep down-----agh what a day--and it is only 1:16 p.m. In closing to all readers, friends, etc. any suggestions on food/drinks that a 14 month old may be able to keep down would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Saw an ad on a billboard while we were in Texas and thought of you. It had this cute dog sitting on a sofa with the arm chewed off and said. Did the dog eat your furniture? It was cute furniture sales board and I thought of you and your dog.

  2. OMG, they stole my picture!! Kidding--still do not know what to do about the chair--I called an upholstery shop locally and they have not returned the call--new project for me--figure out what to do about chair and maybe, deteeth the dog!?! It makes me feel discombobulated!

  3. LOL on the discombobulated...if you watch the movie Bolt don't laugh out loud like I did when they use the word...people will think you are crazy..LOL.

  4. OKAY you told me yesterday the flag would be gone..lol.