Monday, March 9, 2009

Home Sick Today

Guess who is home sick today? Baby J and the husband. I took Baby J to the doctor on Friday and Dr. White said that she has slight ear infection. That means more antibiotic for that and we are going to try her on some allergy meds now that she is over 1 yr old. The Dr is thinking that she has allergies like her Dad, her sister K and brother D. Please cross your fingers that Clarinex will work for her and may stop some of her ear infections, sinus problems--runny nose, watery eyes and cough--we could use a little relief! The husband on the other hand has been battling a few things, mostly sinus issues but last night his stomach was upset too. The sinus headache he was not able to get rid of convinced him to call in and try to relax. If you look at the picture of him at the desk, doesn't he look like he is relaxing? This does not come easy for him and according to my Mother In Law, his father was the same way. I on the other hand have no problem relaxing, taking a nap, etc. Soooo Trig and I had company today at home!!!

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