Monday, March 9, 2009

Growing Kids Sale

Have I mentioned that I love the Growing Kids sale lately? Just in case you have not heard--not likely--the sale was the 5th through the 7th and was super! My sister and I were consignors (this was her 1st time, I am a repeat consignor) and after the experience I think she is hooked too! If you cannot tell from the picture that I took, the check is for $300.85!!!! I was amazed--of course my husband said that it is only fair that you know that I spent $235.00, bust still that is a profit and a profit of $65.85 is not bad!! I am not a Garage Sale kind of person. Meaning I do not like to have them. I do however love to go to them. One of my favorite things to do is get up early on a Saturday, load up the baby, L, K and myself and go find the really good yard sales. Before starting, we always stop at Julz Bakery for a donut with sprinkles for K and Bavarian filled for L along with a drink for the road. L and K usually stay in their pj's along with the baby. A little before noon we are done and head back home for the day. Oh, got side tracked! Back to the Growing Kids part---I was sooooo excited when I logged onto the web site and saw how much I had sold! Sunday was the pick up day and I went at about 2:00 p.m to pick up my check and about 12 items of clothing that did not sale. Husband went to deposit check today. I know it is not much money to some, but I still felt rich if only for a little while. The other pictures shows Baby J and her pretend kitchen that cost $5.00!!

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