Monday, March 16, 2009

Is that GUILT all over his face?

Why do our children break our hearts? I consider the dog one of the kids and that being said, the furry kid has disappointed us in a HUGE way. We came home today to find someone had a touch of separation anxiety. I know, I was warned. Truly, I did not see this coming. Trig has been so good in the past that we have started leaving him in while we are gone during the day--that has come to end now!!! He has torn up a arm of a chair that I loved. Not only because it "made" the new look of the living room, or that it only cost $40 at a thrift store and it seemed kind of retro and I was so proud of it. Now what I am I going to do with the arm half chewed off? It will probable cost more to fix it than it would ever be worth! Any suggestions out there? As you can see I could, the chair could use some help! And still sooooooo disappointed in Trig!

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