Monday, March 23, 2009

What Parents Do When The Kids Are Gone---You May Want to Make Small Children Leave the Room

And after all of the excitement of the teenagers leaving, this is what the Hubby, Baby J & I did......drum roll......TaDa....Clean! Our OCD took over, mixed with a little Spring Fever and we cleaned up the garage a bit. Those same teenagers should be glad that they did leave, because otherwise they would have been helping. Although, we did save some for them when they do return. I know I feel better when things are clean, how about you?

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  1. Hi Laurie, I found your blog on a google search for OCD (I wrote a book, Freeing Your Child from OCD)-- but, you don't need it!

    I can totally relate. I'm the mother of two kids myself (a teen and a 7 y.o) and when I suddenly find myself alone, I often just start doing dishes (fortunately not for too long)! I usually give myself about 15 minutes to do clean up and then I realize I've got to make use of my alone time or it will be gone~ Good that you saved some work for the kids to do too!

    Good to learn about unplugged day on your blog-- I'll have to catch the next one!
    All best,
    Tamar Chansky